Sunday, April 10, 2011

Confession; I have some self-service

I ♥ life - Spoki

I don't know if people actually do read my posts, and I would really much doubt that they do. But if by some dismay of mine I actually do have outside visiters who find my blog pleasing to them, I would like to establish this little piece of information about my writing. Whenever I'm feeling upset, I write little notes to myself. I find that doing this not only calms you and bring down your anxiety levels, it also helps find a clear and solid solution to whatever problem I am facing. I am very good at giving other people excellent pieces of advice. So good, that the thought of maybe doing a small job of counseling has might've popped in my mind once or twice. The thing is when it comes to myself, I am so consumed with emotions that I all of the great advice that I could come up with for myself is just farting around in hidden crevaces of my cranium where I cannot find a way to help myself. When I write out stuff that seems more logic, the hidden and more comforting ideas kind of just flood out through the text. SO there's that. To all those outside visiters that I didnt expect to have on my blog; if you happen to see me addressing thoughts to myself, you now know why I proceed in doing so. Just thought I'd clarify.

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