Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheers to that.

As I think back to one of my friend's snapshot of good ol' Captain Morgan, which she used to convince  me into another pregame get-together this past weekend, I felt that I should raise my figurative glass on a number of pledges I've came up with last night. The end of last year was really rough on me, and it brought  down the healthy, fun ol' Jenn that everyone gravitated towards. It's a new year and this low version of me has got to change. So here's a Toast! (Feel free to join.) 
Here's to bettering my year, to forgetting the old and starting up with the new. 
Here's to the end of procrastination, at least when it comes to things of immediate attention (let's be real).
Here's to not getting involved in the negative or the complicated, even though this year certain individuals in my fam. will do their best to draw me in.
Here's to no more days of feeling sorry for myself, no more shying away from my favorite crowd. 
Here's to bringing my confidence, stamina and smile back. To never losing sight again of what my passion is.
Here's to sticking to the plan, to continue dropping the forty-ish pounds I needed to feel my best.
Here's to detoxing for at least the next 3 months, to get this diet plan good on the road.
Here's to new beginnings. More friendships and forgetting the rocky ends of past relationships.
Here's to bringing back my risky, fun, courageous, random and lid up personality back to life. The true me that everyone has missed.
Here's to more jokes and perks, and less tears and fears.
Here's to bringing back the more important and more positive people into my life again. The ones I turned from so that they wouldn't see my tears. The ones I missed dearly.
 Here's to raising the courage bar. To taking that even greater step to keep my adrenaline pumping. To do the unforeseen. To surprise everyone on the situations that I rightfully refuse to submit to.
Here's to not letting the annoying things (and people) in life get the best of me. To pushing them off my shoulders and to allow myself to find their ridiculous antics amusing. 
Here's to making "him" realize what he's missing out on, what he just angered ;)
Here's to going back to what I lovb to do. Modeling, photography, traveling, cooking, styling... let's just forget about that stupid and infamous sentence in my head: "it can't be done anymore".
Here's to continuing the pursuit of my dream, to continue to see pass "impossible", to remember that my  strength to keep going is still urging me to keep on my path.
Here's to that and to anyone else roaming this earth who may have their own daunting list of tasks and pledges. Anyone who is brave enough to take on their challenges also deserves a shot glass to raised in their name.

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