Monday, February 21, 2011

Life is now an open book...

Open Book
Welcome to Jenn’s WORLD!
I've been meaning to start blogging particulary because I probably spent more than 65% of my day online, whether on some portable device or hopping onto someone else's macbook. I discovered blogging perhaps a few months after I've discovered my craze for fashion. I will admit, I am an avid fashion seeker. I must frequent more fashion and style blogs than I do social networks.
My ideal blog? Yes, I wanted to have my own fashion blog. A place where i can freely express and safe keep my creations and ensembles before my short attention span blurs up my mental notes like an etch-a-sketch.  So muccchhh ideas and so little storage space is how I describe my mental capabilities.
A lot of other thoughts cloud my mind as well. Although I’ve thought about it before, I never fell through with my plan of having a fashion blog, and I think a lot of it could've been that everything exteriorly in my life was just gradually falling off from its perfect spot.
My emotions were running wild, and even to this day, it all still gets to me. Things are just rough, a lot of things are already looking ready to tumble down. What can I do, really? We are all expected to perk up on our own and keeping marching on through life with your head held high. But life is not a jolly ride, and for someone to just ask us to just push out the bad and still only see the light at the end of the tunnel, that person is just blind sighting us from the reality of things. It’s not that simple.
I still think that life on earth is paradise, it all is really beautiful. The things we get to see, do and feel. All of it is ours now, very short lived, temporary. Meaning, once the physical is done, and our bodies have been used up to its capacity, we will never be able to enjoy the things of life again. The thought of “forever” is just taunting and scary. But again, that is reality.
It is a great reason why we should push out the negative and keep trotting forward to see what else is out there.  Even though, the task can seem entirely impossible. That’s the thing about me though, I can see pass the impossible; and even if I can easily get discouraged at times, my mind set on the idea will still remain the same and I eventually do pull through whatever road block there was, no matter how long it took.
So,  now I have this blog. But why? I have a lot to say, and often my mouth just wants to explode out all the thoughts I keep to myself. So I figured it’ll be a lot healthier and safer (in some scenarios) for me to just keep it all in here. I am one who knows how to easily encourage my friends and others who seek my advice. I’m not a guru or medium or anything, but often my words have helped so many people get through whatever they thought they couldn’t. Fear, anger, sadness, unmotivated, discouraged; all those feelings don’t seem tangible but can be easily altered. So I do hope that, for those who do read my blog, may be what I think can help you in ways you never thought could. :) I’m peace-ing out to this post! Ciao!

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