Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mission Accomplished

I've heavily taken on one of my more important pledges that I imaginatively toasted to just a few nights ago. After a few hasty weeks of procrastination, I've finally took charge on the disastrous scenario in my room. It legit looked as if a tornado had destructed everything from the inside. A mix of dirty and clean loads hanging all around my tv set and window, shoes covering the floor like a mine field, an icky and dusty floor, millions of school and work papers almost in mid-air. I couldn't sleep properly at night with a clean conscious; it is a documented fact that I have OCD and although not everything has to be perfect all the time, I still cannot function in unexplainable disorder. Finally, I was able to gain the courage to face up to this confusing maze of stuff and typically I would probably take up almost a full day to conquer such a chore, but surprisingly it only took about an hour and half this time around. I am still in shock, but greatly encouraged.
As if my day could'nt get any better, not only did I have plenty of time to do a full body workout, but I got a call from my mother who was shopping digital tvs at best buy with my grandmother. That's right folks, I am now the proud mama of a LCD 32" Plasma screen tv. I am estatic!
Today was the first day of my diet, and so I expected to be the usual: a typical hard and emotionally draining day. But, as if it were a gift from the skies, today actually went exactly as planned, packed with a lil surprises. In all perfect! :) Yup, looks like this year might just take a 180 from last year.

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